June 30, 2013

Nothing much to report today except Dave continues to feel better every day.  He joined us at the pool today to absorb a little vitamin D and showed off his hardware.

Dave 6/30/13

Dave 6/30/13

Dave 6/30/13

Dave 6/30/13


June 29, 2013

David continues to get stronger every day.  He has mastered the art of giving himself his IV meds and his energy level has definitely increased along with his appetite. Hopefully this means our prayers have been answered and he is getting rid of the infection that’s holding this whole journey back.

We should know in a few days.

Keep your comments and pictures coming. They mean a lot to Dave.

June 26, 2013

Dave came home to the apartment today.  Home health care will by come tomorrow to train Dave on administering antibiotics by IV himself.

Next week they will do a CT scan to see if the pocket of fluid around his pancreas has lessened.  If not, they may do a procedure to drain it, which is dangerous for Dave.  The transplant team is not comfortable with doing the transplant while he is still showing signs of an infection, therefore, he has not been listed as of yet.

Dave saying goodnight to Mackenzie tonight

Dave saying goodnight to Mackenzie tonight

June 25, 2013

Today was a quiet day for Dave. They moved him out of the ICU in the middle of the night to the Step Down unit.   We celebrated with a long walk around the hospital, with me trying to keep up with him.  He walks fast, another trait of his grandfather’s.

There was mention of his possibly getting listed by the end of the day and possibly coming home tomorrow.

June 24, 2013

Dave had a better day today. His fever broke yesterday and his white cell count returned to normal levels. His blood pressure is a steady and stable 90/61.  This is not great, but as long as it remains steady, it is good.  His CT scan results showed he has fluid (pseudocyst) around the small piece of pancreas he has left. This is most like the source of his infection. It is too dangerous to access the fluid, so as long as he doesn’t have a fever, they will leave it alone.

As soon as a bed opens up on the Step Down unit, he will be moved out of the ICU. Since Dave is feeling so good and everything appears to be stable, he talked his Drs. into letting him go for a walk outside with his mom.  His nurse said its the first time she has had a patient in ICU get up and leave the unit for a walk outside.

Hopefully Dave will be back to the apartment in a few days.

Dave able to go outside for the 1st time in a week.

Dave able to go outside for the 1st time in a week.


June 22, 2013

Dave spent a very frustrating day waiting for a CT Scan to see if they can find out why his blood pressure is still so low.  Duke is changing computer systems today so things are taking forever. I’ve tried keeping his spirits up and his temper down as best I could.  He hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since yesterday morning so you can imagine his discomfort and frustration at this time.

They’ve just come in to give him the horrible tasting contrast stuff to drink.  They will be back at 8:30 pm to take him to his CT Scan.  Only 10 hours later.

This should give them some answers finally.

June 21, 2013

Dave is back in ICU today.  Started out to be a great day with Dave looking forward to coming back to the apartment tomorrow.  But all of a sudden his blood pressure dropped down to 82/58, his left arm became numb, his speech slurred and Dr. And nurses rushed in. There is no explanation for this, but to be on the safe he was was quickly transported back to ICU.

He is resting comfortably although his blood pressure is still low at this time.  There isn’t any sign of internal bleeding.

Dave in ICU today

Dave back in ICU today