July 27,2013

Once a week a nurse comes in to draw David’s blood and check on his daily IVs he gives himself.  This ensures the hospital  always has his most recent labs on hand for when he gets called in for his transplant.  This weeks blood draw showed his sodium levels were too low. We don’t know what that means exactly except that he needs to go into the clinic on Monday to have it drawn again. Julie, his case coordinator, did say it had nothing to do with what he is eating and it can be helped with medicine if needed.  It may just be a bad blood draw.

Dave getting his weekly blood draw

Dave getting his weekly blood draw

So even though many pictures of Dave make him look like he is doing better, we can never forget wherever he goes he always carries a bag filled with medicine and an ice pack, along with the tubes and drainage bag attached to his body.

Amazing he is usually smiling in pictures, don’t you think?  Makes you wonder if you could do this.


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