April 23, 2014


Riley and Mackenzie

Riley and Mackenzie

Another tough day for Dave. He woke up with a fever today. This wasn’t a big surprise since he had very little appetite yesterday and seemed pretty listless much of the day. Wanting to avoid the ER, I made a call to Julie, his team coordinator. She arranged for me to bring him in to clinic for labs and a chest X-Ray. We went back late afternoon for a chest, CT Scan which confirmed Dave again has pneumonia. He needed to be admitted to hospital for treatment once again. This is a different strain of pneumonia than he had 2 months ago. Official name is Atypical pneumonia. We are awaiting confirmation of bacteria type (1 of 3) to insure the correct antibiotic is administered.

This should be a short stay. It has to be!! This is a very important week. Mackenzie is turning 4 years old on Wednesday. Kenzie, Skye and Gary are arriving here on Thursday for yet another birthday celebration. She already had a kids party this past weekend at a ranch. She will have another on Wednesday with her Mimi and Poppi (Skye’s parents) and we have one planned when she arrives on Thursday. It’s important Daddy is feeling good by Thursday, as she is expecting to see him waiting at the airport. I have included a picture of my 2 beautiful girls, Riley and Mackenzie, at Mackenzie’s b-day party at the ranch.

As always, thanks for caring.

Linda and David

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