May 7, 2014

We have a good report this week. Dave is feeling good. His labs support that fact, so he got the news he has been waiting for. The surgery to reverse his Ostomy (reattach the small intestine) has been scheduled. It will take place on June 2. We should be heading home approximately 30 days afterwards, if all goes well, as is expected.

Dave must remain infection free and out of the hospital or the clock resets and we start a 30 day infection free waiting period all over again.

For those that have asked about the status of the BK virus – it is still active. Infectious disease continues to monitor closely with transplant team. The most recent labs show a reduction in the BK virus but, Dave’s liver numbers have moved outside the acceptable range, indicating his anti-rejection meds must be increased. They had previously been lowered to push down the BK virus. The teams have settled on a range for the BK virus that should not be harmful to Dave. Avoiding rejection of the new organs is the priority. That said, constant monitoring via labs will continue to be part of Dave’s life for a long time to keep things in balance.

Having a top rated liver transplant center such as Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is key to David being able to get back home. If future complications arise with the small intestine, they will be key to identifying the issue and urgency of getting him back to Duke and Dr Sudan.

Lastly, I am taking a much needed break! My sister, Jeanne, is coming to keep Dave company for a week while I go off to meet up with Gary for our 16th anniversary. I think we have seen each other 5 times in the last year. He has been an amazingly caring and supportive step dad to Dave thru all of this. The love, support and patience he has for me is a wonder. Especially during major meltdowns, few and far between as they have been, when I think I don’t have one more ounce of energy to deal with another piece of bad news, Dr, hospital or living so far from home.

Thanks, Jeanne for making this possible. We appreciate it!

As always, thanks for caring.

Linda and David 904-327-1492 904-610-7352


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