May 23, 2014

Good news continues to come our way. Dave’s labs all look good this week and surgery to reverse his Ostomy still on track for the scheduled date of Monday, June 2. Only 1 week left to get thru.

Next week is full of clinic appointments to get the final approval from Chief Surgeon, Debra Sudan. Dave has the standard pre-op diagnostics, plus a CT Scan and because of his pneumonia history, he is getting a breathing treatment of medication into his lungs at the infusion center as a preventative measure. Infectious decease will also evaluate him and sign off because of the pneumonia and virus history. Prayers and fingers crossed we get the go ahead. This should be his last major hurdle. Dave is expected to be in the hospital 5-10 days to make sure the new intestine really does work, and then approximately 30 days after that he will be turned back over to Mayo Clinic and Dr Michele Lewis in Jacksonville, Florida.

Other news………Dave’s Aunt Kathy is having back surgery. Also on Monday June 2. We wish her well. She has been in major pain for a very long time and is looking forward to hopefully being pain free.

Since Kathy does the blog posts, we needed to figure out how to get his (and hers) update posted on Monday. I will definitely post on Facebook that day so many of you will see the update there. For others, feel free to contact me via email. My address is listed at the bottom of this email.

Last but not least, and not wanting to be left out – I am having a root canal on Thursday. A redo of an old root canal. I didn’t even know that happened! Doesn’t quite measure up to what Dave and Kathy will be doing on June 2, but it was the best I could do! LOL

As always, thanks for caring.

Dave and Linda

Dave (904)327-1492
Linda (904)610-7352


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