It’s official!  Dave is cleared to undergo his surgery to reverse his Iliostomy, Monday, June 2. He has been looking forward to this day for months, ready to get his plumbing back in working order. It’s time to see if his new, small intestine will work as designed and get rid of his bag. Remember, as part of his transplant surgery, Dave also had most of his colon removed and 80% of his stomach.

For those who have asked if he has reached the targeted 120 pounds, no, not even close. He hovers around 109 pounds on average. The important thing is, he has stayed steady. While no longer a diabetic, he has to restrict his sugar intake until the Iliostomy is reversed, as it affects the output. So he gets no calories there. He must also continue forever to follow his <20 grams of fat per day diet. His muscle mass has also been reduced, so consensus has finally been reached that 120 pounds was an unrealistic goal in the short term. Steady weight was more important. I think I finally got them to also understand that at the peak of health, his maternal grandfather was only 125 lbs at the same height, so Dave’s small stature is also genetic.

We are not sure of Dave’s surgery time yet. Dr Sudan is performing a living donor kidney transplant before working on Dave. Most likely, his will start early afternoon. She said to plan on 2-4 hrs. Dave’s team is all very excited for him as this is considered a major milestone for small intestine transplant recipients. I will be posting status on Facebook that day, as Kathy will have started her back surgery at 7:00 a.m. that morning and for obvious reasons won’t be blogging for a few days.

Dr Sudan again confirmed that if no more complications, we will be moving back home in mid to late July. I’m not going to jinx it and rent that moving van yet, but our hopes are steadily rising! Hannah, mommy is coming home, I promise.

Hannah, our German shepherd, is very mad at me. In the past when I have Skyped, she comes to the phone, flaps her ears up and down, wags her tail and licks the phone when she hears my voice and sees me. 2 weeks ago she walked to the phone when Gary called her over. I said her name, she turned her head and walked away. Would not return when he tried to call her. I was crushed. The cats, on the other hand, each came to the phone and meowed. I know, you are all thinking I have lost my mind. Those that know me well, aren’t surprised by any of this and are laughing, hopefully.

Moving on, for those not connected on Facebook, today is 1 year since Dave and I arrived here in NC. Unbelievable. What a journey.

As always, thanks for caring.

Dave and Linda

Dave (904)327-1492

Linda (904)610-7352


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