June 10, 2014

Dave’s surgery last Monday, went very well, he encountered no surprises. The small intestine is working and he was released from the hospital on Friday. He is very uncomfortable and spends most of his time sleeping. The discomfort is from the terrible gas pains and bloating associated with this particular surgery. It can last 2 weeks or longer. He has no appetite and, as expected, has lost considerable weight. He is down to 103 lbs. Dave has an open surgical site. It is best for this to heal from inside out. My job daily is to clean the site and pack with a saline soaked piece of gauze. His daily routine consists of logging daily weight, temp, BP every morning. We then take a walk, a little more each day to help get things moving. He then goes back to sleeping most of the day away. In the old days, this was all done in the hospital as patients were kept a lot longer. The only thing he eats is Cream of Wheat (not grits, sorry all you southerners), his choice, once a day. Nothing else appeals or interests him. I have tried luring him with some favorites. I hate to see him so thin! He is also drinking a nutrition supplement once a day. Getting fluids into him is a challenge. He knows the effect of dehydration on him. I have done a lot of reading on this surgery/procedure. There is a high rate of patients returning to hospital due to all sorts of things, dehydration (affected by his absorption rate which is unknown at this time) and infection being most common. Hoping Dave won’t be among the patients that do. So far, so good.

Dave’s Aunt Kathy, is also home after her back surgery. She is still in a lot of pain and, like Dave, spends most of her time in bed resting. After all, it is just 1 week ago yesterday since both of their surgeries.

As of now Dave and I are still on track to move home next month. Seeing how the next two weeks go will be important to reaching our goal!

As always, thanks for caring!

Dave and Linda

Dave: dlmyersinc@gmail.com 904-327-1492
Linda: linda212@tds.net 904-610-7352


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