July 15, 2014

We made it! Dave and I are back home with our families. I know many of you also follow on Facebook so this message may be redundant, but for those not on FB a few pictures of the move are included below.

Steve and Riley arrived Tues.

Steve & Riley arrive

Steve & Riley arrive

We snuck in a little fun time on Wednesday before getting to the hard work by renting a boat and spending a few hours on Jordan Lake in Durham.

Lake Jordan

Lake Jordan

Dave free and clear of tubes etc.

Dave free and clear of tubes etc.

Gary arrived late Thursday as planned. By then we had pretty much everything packed up. It seems we accumulated a few things this past year. imageWhen we arrived Dave was in a hospital gown and I had a small overnight bag! Gary, knowing me well, wisely rented a large truck!image Hah! In all fairness, besides accumulating “stuff” we also accumulated furniture.image. imageSteve, having recently moved into a new house just happens to have a couple of empty rooms – family room and kitchen so his house will be first stop.imageimage

Because we have to have drama we did have a small twist but all ended well. Mackenzie got strep throat! We thought Dave’s homecoming might be pushed out a day or two, that he would have to stay with us. But the antibiotics did their job, Dr said Kenzie was no longer contagious – you can see from pix all worked out. Dave is home with his 2 girls.imageimage

Dave does need to be back at Duke on August 27 to see Dr Sudan. She was adamant about the need to return for follow up. He is also on weekly lab draws until further notice. His liver numbers keep moving inside and outside the normal range. We all would like these to stabilize as it makes us a bit anxious but do not really expect any issues.

I received confirmation that all records from Duke have been copied and sent to Dr Lewis at Mayo Clinic. While he is not being passed back to them, I think I mentioned previously, Duke and Mayo will work in tandem to keep Dave safe.imageimage

So……from here on out I will be posting updates when we have his follow up appts at Duke or if something unexpected pops up.

As always, thanks for caring.image

Dave and Linda

Dave dlmyersinc@gmail.com (904)327-1492
Linda linda212@tds.net. (904)610-7352



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