Dave was born 10/20/77 in Coeur d’Alene, ID.  He lived in Sandpoint, ID. Until age 4 when Linda moved Dave, Steve and herself back home to the Chicago area to seek additional medical advice and family support.

For thirty five years, David Myers has dealt with the repercussions of being born with Hyperlipoprotienemia, Type 1.

This is a lipo lipase enzyme deficiency which affects the pancreas, liver and spleen.  Approximately 350 people in the world have been diagnosed with this deficiency and it is still referred to today as “very rare”.

Dave has been married to Skye for 6 years and they have 3 year old daughter Mackenzie.    They reside in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Prior to being placed on disability 6 months ago, Dave remodeled high end homes for Horn Builders in the Jacksonville, Fl area.  He hopes to be back with them one day.

David is at Duke University in Durham, NC awaiting a triple organ transplant at this time.


2 thoughts on “DAVE’S BACKGROUND

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Dave and his family. I am a good friend of Linda when she lived in St. Marys, Ga.

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